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Newsletter Archive - 2019

What's Next? Technical Analysis and Your Response

July 17, 2019


As I was kicking my day off with my daily data feed this morning, I was amused by three articles which looked at pretty much the same information but came to three separate, and at first glance, conflicting conclusions.  But that’s the way it is more often than not, I suppose. ...

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Whose Side are You on Anyway?

May 31, 2019


I am thoroughly disgusted and more than a little bit discouraged.  I just listened to the mauling by the CNBC illuminati of Peter Navarro.  If you do not know, Navarro is “Director of the (White House) Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy”, one of the President’s three top advisors on economics and trade policy. ...

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The Tax Savings and Jobs Act

April 16, 2019


As another tax season fades into the rearview mirror, the final stats on the 2017 tax bill are also beginning to take shape, and the story is a positive one.  While a lot of people don’t realize it, and explanations often don’t seem to help, the fact is only ~6% of taxpayers nationwide were harmed by the changes. ...

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An Open Letter to Congress

January 16, 2019


Dear Senator Whoever, CNN Analyst Stephen Collinson published an editorial this morning entitled “Another Good Day for Putin as Turmoil Grips US and UK”.  I recommend it for your reading if you have not done so already. ...

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2018 4th Quarter Summary

January 2, 2019


Bull markets do not die of old age.  They are killed, usually by an unforeseen but identifiable specific event or circumstances.  This one seems to be the target of a determined conspiracy.  The suspects are numerous … the Fed, the Democrats in the new congress, the Republicans in the old congress, the media, the president and his tariffs, trade wars, tweets and toots, or market participants, themselves.  My opinion, it’s a “Murder on the Orient Express” event.  Everybody is complicit if not guilty, some more than others. ...

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