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Investment and Advisory Services


The professionals at DFS Advisors, first and foremost, provide wealth accumulation and asset management services.  Wealth accumulation requires disciplined savings, investment, and management.  In this regard, most people think of traditional investment products … stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities, and other such investments, and we are both professionally qualified, and have the business relationships necessary to advise you with regard to, and assist you in procuring and managing these types of investments. 

What might not be so intuitive, however, is the impact that non-investment financial situations and decisions have on your ultimate success in achieving your financial goals.  In this regard, we also provide insurance planning and placement, and income tax preparation services.

There are also important personal financial management decisions which we all make every day – the most common and important of which deal with debt management issues.  Where to go to get the best car or home loan; how to compare buying versus leasing a new car; whether and when to refinance an existing mortgage; or consolidating debt.  While we do not directly offer the loans needed to implement these applications, we are qualified and available to advise you in comparing and contrasting the many options that the market provides.  As your primary financial advisor, we are better situated than your mortgage broker, car salesperson, or other vendor to help you determine what you can afford, and what choice in a given situation makes the most sense from a “big-picture” perspective.

Simply put – it is our goal to be your “financial guy”; your first stop in any investment or money-management need or decision.  In those cases where we cannot actually provide the final implementation, we can assist you in identifying, evaluating and selecting among the available choices.


What's It Cost?

All of our services are available on a negotiated fee or commission basis, depending on the specific service or product involved.  It is not our goal to be either the cheapest or most expensive provider, but rather to set our fees as fair and reasonable to the client as well as to ourselves. 

An initial complimentary consultation interview will be provided free of charge, and costs and fees will be a part of this discussion.