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  • Life Insurance is the only investment you can make outside of a passbook savings account which is (1) a known guaranteed amount available when needed, (2) in cash, and (3) income tax free.  Furthermore, unlike a savings account or any other investment strategy, life insurance is (4) “self-completing”, i.e., once implemented, you can’t fail because you died before you put enough away to achieve your goal.  Recognizing these factors, your life insurance program should be the solid foundation of your financial plan, giving you the confidence that should you lose your life prior to achieving your other financial goals, your family can be adequately provided for.
  • Disability:  If you are like many people, you have insured your life, your car and your home for fire, flood, earthquake, insurrection and the Second Coming.  Your greatest financial asset though, is your ability to earn a living.  Disability can, in some cases, be a fate worse than death.  Income ends, and expenses escalate.  Social Security and other government programs provide some protection, but bureaucratic snafus and delays can limit the utility of these “safety net” benefits during the time when they are most needed. 
  • Long-term Care:   No one wants to live out their final years in a nursing home, but for many, it is or will be an unavoidable fact of life.  While Medicare and private health insurance will usually cover any medical services required, regardless of the setting, custodial and personal care services not requiring a physician or hospital setting are not covered by traditional insurance benefits.  The primary government assistance program for this need is Medicaid – essentially a welfare program, available only to the functionally bankrupt beneficiary.  A long-term care insurance policy can provide funds for dignified care, at home or in an institutional setting, while protecting family financial assets.

We are not “captive” agents of any specific company.  As an independent life and health insurance agency with access to most insurance carriers through our brokerage arrangements, we can shop your need and obtain the coverage you need through the best available (i.e., best coverage for the best price) carrier[i].

Long-term care insurance benefits may be subject to limitations, waiting periods, and other restrictions.

What's It Cost?

All of our services are available on a negotiated fee or commission basis, depending on the specific service or product involved.  It is not our goal to be either the cheapest or most expensive provider, but rather to set our fees as fair and reasonable to the client as well as to ourselves. 

An initial complimentary consultation interview will be provided free of charge, and costs and fees will be a part of this discussion.

[i] The lowest cost carrier is not always the best;  company ratings and available services and benefits can often effect what is the most cost effective and/or efficient coverage.  We will assist you in evaluating the costs and benefits of the options available, and in selecting the appropriate coverage.