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Income Tax Services



There is no shortage of income tax preparation services, some are very well qualified, and others not so much.  As with the other financial issues discussed above, however, income tax planning and execution often has financial consequences that go far beyond what schedules to prepare, adding up the numbers correctly, properly carrying them from Schedule D to Form 1040, etc.  And make no mistake about it … a computer software program will not turn someone who doesn’t understand the income tax system into a CPA – either you or your “practitioner”.

As your financial advisor, we have much of the information readily available to us to (1) know what information and documentation to look for, (2) where to look for it, (3) more importantly, to have a better grasp on your overall situation and how it is affected by as well as how it affects your ultimate tax liability.   Many of our financial planning clients have come to the conclusion that it is very convenient for them to use the one-stop-shopping approach.  Similarly, many who were originally tax clients have come to trust us to assist with their other financial planning and management needs.

Mr. Denton and Mr. Anderson are registered with the Treasury Department as Enrolled Agents, and as such are …

fully qualified and prepared to assist you with any income tax service needs you may have, including representing you before and negotiating on your behalf with the IRS.  Furthermore, unlike many income tax preparation services, individuals and national chains alike, we are not closed during the “off season”, but rather available to assist you year-round when the need arises.


What's It Cost?

All of our services are available on a negotiated fee or commission basis, depending on the specific service or product involved.  It is not our goal to be either the cheapest or most expensive provider, but rather to set our fees as fair and reasonable to the client as well as to ourselves. 

An initial complimentary consultation interview will be provided free of charge, and costs and fees will be a part of this discussion.